Hun Namkung

I am a fifth-year PhD student in the ECE Department at Carnegie Mellon University. I am fortunate to be co-advised by Peter Steenkiste and Vyas Sekar. Prior to CMU, I received a BS degree in Computer Science from KAIST. My research interests lie in the intersection of network monitoring and programmable hardware devices.

I’m currently on the job market! I’m looking for an industry position where I can have hands-on experience on large-scale (network) systems. My interests are network measurements and/or programmable network devices.

selected publications (see all)

  1. NSDI
    SketchLib: Enabling Efficient Sketch-based Monitoring on Programmable Switches (to appear)
    Hun Namkung, Zaoxing Liu, Daehyeok Kim, Vyas Sekar, and Peter Steenkiste
    In 19th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI) 2022
  2. SOSR
    Telemetry Retrieval Inaccuracy in Programmable Switches: Analysis and Recommendations (to appear)
    Hun Namkung, Daehyeok Kim, Zaoxing Liu, Vyas Sekar, and Peter Steenkiste
    In Proceedings of the Symposium on SDN Research (SOSR) 2021